Boxford Historic House Markers  


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Boxford Historical Society promotes Historic House Markers

As a community service, the Boxford Historical Society is promoting a means to conveniently select and acquire a historic house plaque for Boxford homes.

The goal is to make a consistent house plaque configuration accessible for every homeowner in the two Boxford Historic Districts, or elsewhere in Boxford. Each homeowner can consider, decide and install an historic plaque of the standard approved configuration.

Going forward, no individual homeowner application is required as the Boxford Historic Districts Commission has issued blanket installation approval for a 10-year period, valid until Jan. 31, 2027. This blanket approval facilitates the process by providing each homeowner with the opportunity to evaluate and proceed with plaque installation at their home without the need to submit an individual Application for Certificate of Appropriateness.

The blanket certificate applies only to the approved standard template house plaque of size, material, fasteners and paint color with a white background color and black lettering in font indicated in the application documents. In addition, this same plaque design is entirely suitable for installation at any Boxford historic home outside the historic districts.

A plaque information flyer, basically a descriptive order form, is available for homeowners to evaluate as part of their personal decision process. Presently, copies of the yellow plaque flyers are available at the Community Store, Town Library, Boxford Historic Document Center and Town Clerk office.

A photograph of the standardized plaque presently installed by the front door of the parsonage, Boxford First Congregational Church, 1 Middleton Road, is included with the flyer. Typical recommended plaque installation location is shown at the left side of house entrance door. In addition, a copy of the approved blanket certificate and a partial listing of Boxford Hundred Historic Houses addresses with historic names as compiled by the Historic Document Center is also part of the flyer content.

No warranty endorsement of the supplier or plaque is made or will be made by the HDC or BHS. However, the flyer named supplier has done some 9,000 such plaques throughout New England and enjoys a good reputation.

The Boxford Historical Society plans, organizes, sponsors and conducts several annual community events including the Boxford Apple Festival in the East Village on the third Saturday in September, the Boxford Village Grand Illumination and Caroling in December, and the Harbinger of Spring social evening at the Holyoke-French House.

Membership in the Boxford Historical Society is open to all interested area residents. For additional information, call BHS president Bob Was at 978-465-1666 or visit